Truffles, Barolo and Vermouth, Castelmagno cheese, the Piedmontese hazelnuts, rice and chocolate: these are but a few of the amazing ingredients of an unrivalled cuisine, in terms of variety and quality.

The Sacra di San Michele (St. Michael’s Abbey), the Savoy Palaces, Turin, the castles, the boroughs and the sanctuaries. The Egyptian Museum, the Cinema Museum; the Langhe territory, the Alps, the Lake of Orta and the Lake Maggiore. A region to fulfill everybody’s expectations.

Our job and love for what we do are deeply rooted in our territory, and in our everyday’s experience.

This is what we are proud to offer and to put on display for you to view and taste. A tale to be told through touching, kneading and smelling, not only through tasting: this is our added value.

Searching for truffles in a wood, listening to the sound of wine fermentation in a barrel, learning how to shape cheese. The hazelnut harvest, the grape harvest, the process of distillation, home-made pasta. Straight from people and producers.

“Be nosy, please!”: we make available for you our patrimony of cultural heritage, both small and major. Everything we have long learnt to love, well before making our job out of it.

Jo-in is simply us, our knowledge and experience, our reliability and credibility.

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