Discovering, tasting and...

An unusual view on the outstanding peculiarities of this region: cuisine, history, cultural heritage and nature which are the patrimony of one among the most beautiful regions over Italy. A tale of people and products to be told through touching, kneading and smelling, not only through tasting: this is our added value.

Esperienza Vermouth

Esperienza Vermouth® is a 2 hours workshop run by a leading expert of mixology with tasting and vermouth preparation.

real alchemic lab. Each participant will play and mix all this ingredients in order to create its own vermouth.

Esperienza Grappa

Esperienza Grappa is a oneday experience to find out the world of our reknowned spirit made from marc.

A short introduction about the history of Grappa in Piedmont, an interesting tasting and a travel beyond the distillation process.